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Toon Blast Game – Free Online PC Version – Toon Blast

Toon Blast Game

If you are a fan of solving puzzles, then you are going to love this game. The game is done funnily with a funny toon cartoons. But that does not mean that this game is for kids. I mean the game is perfect for kids that understand puzzle solving, and the kids that play this game will for sure get they brain cells activated and by that increase they intelligence and focus. But this funny cartoon game is a real challenge for a grown-up as well. I think that older people can be more challenged by this game than some young kids.

By playing game you will gain more points and will receive three starts on a level which is a maximum possible outcome. Also, make sure you use bombs and rockets. Rockets are very useful because they can destroy the whole row from the start to the end. Triggering rockets, you can pass the level very fast with just a few moves. Bombs are also a good choice for a huge blast because when bomb get off, it will destroy many cubes all around the bomb. There are also other special objects in the game that will destroy the cubes for you. Cubes also get destroyed when you match them 3 or more in a row.

So in short review, the goal of the game is to match 3 or more of same color cubes. And to pass a level, you need to destroy a specific number of cubes with a given color. There are many levels to pass, and you can buy the boost. The game is extremely challenging because the shape of a playing field always change and on high levels it gets difficult. Also, the number of cubes that need to be destroyed on higher levels is huge and to pass a single level you will need to think hard and probably use more than one special item to get you over the level.

Conclusion The game is easy on a mobile phone so even not so powerful, and older models of smartphones can play this game. This game is for everyone, for kids, adults and older people who just want to waste some time by playing the game. This game is ideal to have on your mobile phone and play it when you are waiting for someone, or you just need to kill some time, and instead of looking in the sky and counting fleas you can have some fun by playing Toon Blast. If you decide to play the game, then make sure you invite your friends and challenge them to beat your high scores.

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